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Language Challenge #1 – Movement Verbs

Language Challenge #1

So it’s time for my very first public language challenge. If you don’t know what I’m on about, take a look at yesterday’s post on regular language challenges first.

My first language challenge is to learn more verbs to do with physical movement and activity. I’ve needed to talk about these things recently and when you’re at the upper intermediate level that I’m at now in French, it’s important to increase your vocabulary and command of the language. Learning new verbs to describe the nuances of activities is a great way to do this.

For the sake of formality here’s a break down of the goal in terms of the SMART principles:

  • S: To learn more verbs to with physical activity in order to talk more specifically about actions and to be more comfortable using them in conversation at the end of the challenge.
  • M: I’m going to learn 15 new verbs.
  • A: I felt 10 was a good starting point, so to be ambitious I’m going for 15. The goal is not just to memorise the verbs but to work them in to conversations at least once.
  • R: 15 is realistic in 1 week by using flash cards created on Quizlet.
  • T: I’m choosing 1 week to complete this challenge.

Here’s a list of the verbs you’ll see me recite over on YouTube next week:

  1. S’étirer – To stretch
  2. S’échauffer – To warm up
  3. Boiter – To limp
  4. Trébucher – To trip (over)
  5. Faire craquer ses doigts – To crack one’s fingers/knuckles
  6. Hocher la tête – Nod and shake one’s head
  7. Se gratter – To scratch oneself
  8. Frapper dans ses mains – To clap one’s hands
  9. Mordre – To bite
  10. Renifler – To sniff
  11. Tapoter – To pat
  12. Frotter – To rub
  13. Cueillir – To pluck
  14. Se baisser/se pencher – To bend down
  15. S’élancer – To launch oneself, to take-off

Learning those can’t be harder than coming up with them! Bring on week #1.



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