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Where to watch football in Montpellier

It can be tough to find a good crowd to watch football in Montpellier.

Being a football fan in Montpellier, particularly one from a country where the most common place to gather with friends to watch a game is the pub, can be challenging. The big sport to watch on TV here is rugby. Hailing from the UK, the place where I’m most comfortable watching a match (when I don’t stay at home) is the pub. France doesn’t really have pubs, so the Irish pubs have established themselves as the place to go. There are several in the city. Here’s a list of those that I’ve been to.

1. O’Carolans – city centre

This is my go-to place to watch football in Montpellier. Big screens, friendly staff, 3 different areas to watch. They will often put multiple matches on at once because there is not a high demand for one in particular during the season. When the internationals are on and France are playing it’s a different story. If you’re an Arsenal fan like me, a couple of the staff are fellow Gooners, so even if the team disappoints, they’ll be there to vent your frustrations :p.

2. Fitzpatrick’s – city centre

Another favourite, and it’s where I would go when I was a newbie in Montpellier. However, back then it was the weekly language exchange. They show all the matches as well, but with slightly less space inside. Get a good spot by the TV and you’ll be golden!

3. Irish Tavern – Les Beaux Arts

Situated in the Les Beaux Arts neighbourhood, just to the north of the historic centre, the Irish Tavern is a good place to go when you feel like a slightly different atmosphere. Sometimes I like to mix it up and tend to go here midweek, but that’s just personal choice. They have a different variety of beers on tap than the other two. It’s bright orange outside so you can’t miss it! I say that, and I’ve definitely not been able to find it in the past. I’m sure you’ve a better sense of navigation than me. I watched matches during the 2016 Euros here and the atmosphere was great when France played!

Other pubs include:

Comment down below if you have any other favourites and I’ll be sure to add them to the list.

If you find yourself wanting to watch football in Montpellier, check out my group on I try and be at the pub for all Arsenal matches and some others.


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