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Language Challenge #1 – Thoughts

So it’s the end of week 1 and the first Language Challenge. Hopefully you know why you’re here but if not here’s a link to last week’s goal-setting post. As promised there’s a video of me. Just look at the top of this post. What have I learned? 15 new verbs. There’s no 2 ways about […]

Connaître vs Savoir – French verbs To Know and… To Know?!

Connaître v Savoir – Battle of the French verbs So language learning can be pretty straight forward when you feel like you’ve got into your groove and you know enough vocabulary to get by. But sometimes (often) there just isn’t a direct translation. I remember in the early days, getting the difference between the French […]

Different ways to say “I don’t care” in French

Sometimes you want to show that you’re fine with whatever options are on the table, sometimes you want to say you couldn’t give a toss. In English “I don’t mind” or “I don’t care” can be used in different contexts. In French it’s no different. You just need to be careful that what you’re saying […]

When to use “Pour” before a verb in French

French prepositions are confusing One of the most confusing things about learning French (and probably many other languages) are prepositions. Many translate into English as to which doesn’t help us Anglophones who are learning French. Pour can appear to be one of those confusing prepositions. However I’ve found a rule to demystify pour. I recently discovered how to […]

How to “want” something in French

It was recently revealed to me that I use the literal “I want” in French too often. Not that it isn’t used, far from it, it’s used all the time. But I needed to be reminded of how and when to use it. Here are the top 3 ways of clearly expressing your desire for something. Bear in […]