Perpignan & Collioure. Winter Warmth in November.

Perpignan It’s the beginning of November and I hopped on a 1€ train from Montpellier to Perpignan. 2 cities within the Languedoc-Roussillon region separated by an hour and half train journey. I wanted a new place to wander around, gather my thoughts, and take some photos in an effort to see as much as possible before winter […]

9 Everyday French words and phrases

If you’re learning a language then you want to be able to speak it. Here is a list of everyday French words and phrases that you’ll come across when talking to friends and people on and informal, friendly basis. Quoi de neuf? – What’s new? Easy enough. A friend you haven’t seen for a while might […]

A Weekend In Marseille – city of coves, lights, a basilica, and lots of McDonalds

I spent the past weekend in Marseille after taking advantage of a sale on train tickets. Arriving from Montpellier I instantly knew I was back in a big city. The best thing I did, however, was leave the city for the day and visit the beautiful Calanques (coves) to the south. Marseille at night is […]

3 Super Affordable Ways to Travel Languedoc-Roussillon

As I’ve been living in France for a while and always have an eye out for a good deal I thought I’d share 3 ways of getting around on a budget, specifically how to travel Languedoc-Roussillon. Even with offers on SNCF trains (the national operator) this is often a pricey mode of transport. 1€ Trains […]

The website is live!

Welcome to my new site Laptop & Flip Flops. This is a lifestyle blog about the great things and the challenges of living abroad, travel destinations and tips, and learning languages. I’m so excited to finally be launching the site and can’t wait to share my experiences with you all. You can read more about my […]

5 Reasons to live abroad

Everyone’s motivations are different, but I think those of us wanting to be able to live abroad – and indeed wherever we want for as long as want – seek the same release. I’ve compiled five great reasons, as if you need any more, to make the move. Opens your eyes to different ways of […]

Hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing

I had never walked on a volcano before, let alone one that has at least 12 cones. After bad weather forced me to abort my attempt in 2010 I was so excited to be going in summer when – barring an eruption – I’d be able to complete the 20km hike from one end to […]

How to spend a fantastic evening in Bay of Islands, New Zealand

If you’re ever in New Zealand and you’re looking for a must-see place head up to the north of the North Island to Paihia and the Bay of Islands. It is a stunning place with a wealth of activities on offer. Due to the enforced high tax on various activities you may need to choose […]

A Sunday trip to Nîmes – a delight in Roman architecture

Nîmes is one of the most well preserved examples of Roman architecture outside Italy. Indeed, it is home to the most intact amphitheatre in the world, more so than the Colloseum in Rome itself. We drove from Montpellier (a 45 minute journey) for the day and saw some of the key sights without exerting too much energy. […]

Climbing Camelback Mountain

The above are a selection of quotes from TripAdvisor reviewers of the Camelback Mountain Hike. When I visit a new place I like to escape the hustle and bustle of the urban centre and a hike is perhaps at the top of list of options. Upon reading TripAdvisor even I, a relatively young and good-looking 27 […]

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