The DELF B2 – a personal triumph

TLDR; I passed the DELF B2 exam at the first time of asking following 2 months of intense self-study :D. My French-language journey The DELF B2 exam; a good way to challenge myself In late 2015 I decided that the best way to have a tangible goal in my French language journey was to study […]

Backstreet’s Back… Or is it just me?

… Nope, it’s just me. Hello everyone, nice to (re)make your acquaintance. Sorry that I’ve been absent for a long time. I’m also sorry that I tricked you into coming to this post by suggesting the Backstreet Boys were making yet another reunion. No apologies for you being here though *hugs*. So why have I been digitally absent for […]

Tips For Staying Motivated When Living Abroad

It can be hard to find ways of staying motivated when you’ve moved abroad. Step one is complete. You made it. The money is (still) coming in. Whether you’re working remotely and are location independent or have a job in your adopted country that’s great. Well done! I currently am able to work remotely on […]

Feel Good Learning French

To feel good learning French you need to remember a few things. None more so than it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Even if you set a tangible goal of passing an exam or speaking about something you love. You will have ups and downs. Here are a few ways of maximising that feel […]

Montpellier at Christmas is Magnificent

I love Montpellier. It does Christmas in a classy, elegant way. So much so that I can forgive it the tiny bit of tackiness. Coming from me (a bit of a snob? stickler for quality?) that’s impressive. I can’t stand tacky. Here’s my summary of my first Christmas period in Montpellier. Christmas Lights As the […]

Montpellier – A Christmas Gallery

Here is a gallery of Christmas in Montpellier, France. Photos were taken throughout December 2015.

Avignon at Christmas – Perfect For A Wander

Recently I spent a December day in the southern French city of Avignon. Weather-wise it was a pretty grey day and it was late afternoon and evening where it came alive in my opinion. Avignon is a walled medieval town situated on the border between Languedoc-Roussillon and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur regions, and officially designated to the latter. […]

Suitcase vs Backpack?

An important choice that often doesn’t even seem like a choice is your medium of luggage storage when travelling. Everything I own can fit inside one 38L backpack. For my first 2 months in France I had a huge suitcase as well as my backpack and day bag. I very quickly realised (I had my […]

Why I’m Opting For “Slow Travel” As A Digital Nomad

Following on from Why I Chose A Location-Independent Lifestyle I wanted to write about my planned lifestyle. I say planned because it’s still early days but it really reverberates with me. It goes by the name of the not-so-cryptic term “Slow Travel”. This is a particularly popular label among Digital Nomads. “Ah, but Alex, what is ‘slow travel’ […]

One Month As An English Language Assistant With Aliore

Language Assistant Programme If you’re looking for a way to immerse yourself in French language and culture then a homestay programme as a language assistant might be for you. This is my review of my month that I spent with a family in Grabels, a village just north of Montpellier. The programme is by Aliore. Reasons […]

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