Language Challenge #3 – y Pronoun Findings

The y pronoun So another week has flown by and that means another week of focused French learning! This week I was working specifically on the French adverbial y pronoun; tiny but powerful. If you haven’t already, go ahead and watch this week’s video at the top of the page. What I knew already I already knew […]

Tellement… que…

One common word in France that I hear a lot is tellement. It can mean a few things but basically it emphasises something, be it a noun, adjective, or act as an adverb. Here’s an example: It’s so hot today that I need an ice cream. Il fait tellement chaud aujourd’hui que j’ai besoin d’une glace. […]

Language Challenge #3 – The y Pronoun

Y Pronoun This week I want to go back to French grammar and focus on an area defined by just one letter: y. When learning French I was introduced to both the en and y pronouns at the same time. I feel pretty confident with en now, but apart from using the y pronoun to refer to a place […]

Language Challenge #2 – Thoughts

So this week’s language challenge was a little bit different. I really want to improve my listening as it’s still my weakest of the 4 skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It’s the most frustrating because much of your improvement is down to time. It will come but it’s less in your control than the […]

How to say “makes sense” in French

This week on French Friday I want to tell you all something very useful and something you’ll want to say very often when speaking French. Are you ready? It’s “that makes sense” and “does that make sense?”. Even after 18 months I’m still using this one regularly. It’s one of those where you can’t just use […]

Language Challenge #2 – Analysis of A French Song

Language Challenge #2 With plenty to be happy about after my first Language Challenge I want to try something different for Language Challenge #2 this week. I foresee it helping me in 3 main ways: Listening skills. Make me finally commit to regularly listening to French content. Introduce me or reintroduce me to common expressions. This week’s goal […]

Language Challenge #1 – Thoughts

So it’s the end of week 1 and the first Language Challenge. Hopefully you know why you’re here but if not here’s a link to last week’s goal-setting post. As promised there’s a video of me. Just look at the top of this post. What have I learned? 15 new verbs. There’s no 2 ways about […]

Connaître vs Savoir – French verbs To Know and… To Know?!

Connaître v Savoir – Battle of the French verbs So language learning can be pretty straight forward when you feel like you’ve got into your groove and you know enough vocabulary to get by. But sometimes (often) there just isn’t a direct translation. I remember in the early days, getting the difference between the French […]

Language Challenge #1 – Movement Verbs

Language Challenge #1 So it’s time for my very first public language challenge. If you don’t know what I’m on about, take a look at yesterday’s post on regular language challenges first. My first language challenge is to learn more verbs to do with physical movement and activity. I’ve needed to talk about these things recently and […]

Introducing Language Challenges

Language Challenges Publicly declaring your goals is an idea that I’ve spoken about before. Therefore I’ve decided to set myself language challenges to improve various but specific areas of knowledge of my foreign languages. For those of you who don’t know what SMART goals are here’s a quick run down: SMART stands for: S: Specific. A specific, […]

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