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Language Challenge #5 – Describing Film & TV in French

Talking Film & TV in French

A day late this week so I’m going to have to work double time! Due to the great success of the first language challenge, I’ve decided to do another which is basically a remember-as-many-new-words-as-possible-in-a-week-challenge. This time around, rather than new verbs, I want to be able to better talk about film and TV, as I watch a lot of them.

Talking of TV, this week started badly due to an insanely insensitive YouTuber almost spoiling a The Walking Dead surprise that fans had been waiting 8 months for. If you’re someone who says “it’s just a TV show”, well just think about it in terms of something you invest a lot of your time and thoroughly enjoy and then imagine someone rips away the part you look forward to the most. Yea! Not so fun!

Anyway, I’m sure none of you are like that. Here’s a run down of the things I hope to memorise by the weekend:

  • Stupéfiant – astonishing
  • Émouvant – moving
  • Insupportable – unbearable
  • À ne pas manquer – unmissable
  • Un film d’épouvante/d’horreur
  • Le personnage principal – The main character
  • Le premier rôle – The lead role
  • Le second rôle – The supporting role
  • La bande sonore – The soundtrack
  • Produire – Produce
  • Le raccord – Continuity
  • Tourner un film – film/shoot a film
  • L’équipe – The crew
  • La distribution – Cast list

Maybe a few more if I find them. I’m off to the IMAX in Montpellier on Thursday to see Marvel’s Doctor Strange. So I’ll have opportunities to use some new lingo and it’ll help me practise it before I go as well.

See you on Sunday for the results!

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