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Language Challenge #4 – Toujours vs Encore

Toujours vs Encore – An investigation!

This one has frustrated me for a long time: toujours vs encore. Upon my arrival in France 18 months ago, a very nervous speaker of French, I was ready to use encore to mean still and found that for most of the occasions where I’d need to say still I would be corrected with a toujours or a strange look. So, since then I’ve used toujours almost exclusively, and bit by bit I’ve become more comfortable with the two: I use toujours for still and encore for yet. The former is also used to mean always which is what I came to France thinking was its sole meaning!

However, I know there are nuances to both words and I want to get to the bottom of it, or at least make a step forward. So this is my challenge for this week:

Toujours vs Encore: Spend 1 hour per day for the rest of the week reading about and making sentences using the different meanings of toujours and encore.

I’m really excited to finally dedicate time to this one. In fact it was one of my English students who was having the same struggle in English that has motivated mate to choose it for this week.

According to encore can mean:

  • again
  • another
  • yet
  • even
  • still (loosely)

The same article states that toujours can mean:

  • always
  • anyhow
  • still
  • yet (loosely)

Do you see the 2 that they have in common? You see the problem of me and many French learners out there!

See you on Sunday to go through the results and to see if I toujours have the problem.

Passez une bonne semaine !

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