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Language Challenge #2 – Analysis of A French Song

Language Challenge #2

With plenty to be happy about after my first Language Challenge I want to try something different for Language Challenge #2 this week. I foresee it helping me in 3 main ways:

  • Listening skills.
  • Make me finally commit to regularly listening to French content.
  • Introduce me or reintroduce me to common expressions.

This week’s goal is to:

Listen to the same song – La nuit porte conseil by Black M – for half an hour every day and pick out expressions that I could use in my day-to-day life.

It could be any song. The point is to actively listen in order to consume the lyrics and that involves the rhythm in which they are pronounced.

Here is Language Challenge #2 in terms of the SMART goal principles:

  • Specific: It’s 1 song.
  • Measurable: I’ll be working for at least half an hour on it per day. This involves churning the sounds in my head into words whilst in the shower.
  • Ambitious: I almost never listen to French spoken music for fear of the hard work. So to do it every day is ambitious.
  • Realistic: I know my work hours and the fact I can listen to the song actively during the day and passively whilst working on other things.
  • Time-bound: 1 week.

Video proof

I’ll be posting a video on my YouTube channel with some of the things I’ve learned next Sunday!

Follow along!

You can follow my progress throughout the week on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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