Accountability, and what to expect in 2018

Happy New Year! Ahh, accountability. Just the word motivates me to get sh*t done. Making yourself accountable is one way to push you into action. But it’s what’s left of this productive energy after the initial period that I’ve come to learn is so essential to building good habits. When you work for yourself, self-discipline […]

Tips For Staying Motivated When Living Abroad

It can be hard to find ways of staying motivated when you’ve moved abroad. Step one is complete. You made it. The money is (still) coming in. Whether you’re working remotely and are location independent or have a job in your adopted country that’s great. Well done! I currently am able to work remotely on […]

Feel Good Learning French

To feel good learning French you need to remember a few things. None more so than it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Even if you set a tangible goal of passing an exam or speaking about something you love. You will have ups and downs. Here are a few ways of maximising that feel […]

Why I’m Opting For “Slow Travel” As A Digital Nomad

Following on from Why I Chose A Location-Independent Lifestyle I wanted to write about my planned lifestyle. I say planned because it’s still early days but it really reverberates with me. It goes by the name of the not-so-cryptic term “Slow Travel”. This is a particularly popular label among Digital Nomads. “Ah, but Alex, what is ‘slow travel’ […]

Thoughts on Paris Terrorist Attacks + Seizing Opportunities

Friday 13th November 2015 will permanently be remembered for one of the most damaging and well-executed co-ordinated terrorist attacks in recent history. 4 almost simultaneous incidents in Paris claimed the lives of 129 people and severely injured many more. It shocked the city, and a nation that was still recovering from 2 attacks in January earlier […]

5 Reasons to live abroad

Everyone’s motivations are different, but I think those of us wanting to be able to live abroad – and indeed wherever we want for as long as want – seek the same release. I’ve compiled five great reasons, as if you need any more, to make the move. Opens your eyes to different ways of […]